Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Inequality in wealth in America - den ojämlika fördelningen av välstånd i USA

Robert Reich, Berkeley univ.: “Today the President will be giving a major address on inequality. He can be expected to say it’s the central domestic challenge of our time, that equal opportunity is the keystone of our social compact, that widening inequality threatens our economy and corrodes our democracy, and that he’ll be devoting the rest of his presidency to this fundamental challenge. All well worth saying, but how hard will he fight to raise the minimum wage, fund better schools for the poor and middle-class, get big money out of politics, and raise taxes on the wealthy for everything else that needs to be done? Even if he were to be suddenly transformed into an LBJ, fighting as hard against inequality as LBJ fought for civil rights and against poverty, one wonders if BHO could manage it, given Republican recalcitrance. Some of the answer obviously depends on what happens in next November's midterm elections. Should the scourge of widening inequality be the President's and the Democrats' major theme heading into those elections?” Senator Elisabeth Warren: “I'm glad that President Obama gave a speech today about the "dangerous and growing" problem of income inequality. Middle class families have been hammered, and poor families have been hammered even harder. If we don't make some changes, our children and our grandchildren will grow up in a very different America than the one we knew. I saw this video about the rich and the poor and all those in between. It’s short, and I thought you might want to see it.” (the top one procent of Americas population have 40 procent of all wealth in America etc). Check this! 2013-12-04 Robert Björkenwall


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